Friday, June 21, 2013

Barb and a client - viciously attacked

Last night she was walking a client of 8 years when all of the sudden a dog came of out a home and attacked both of them.  Barb put her entire body on top of our client and took the the wrath of this dog of the vicious dog.  Thank goodness the client is fine but was still very unsure about leaving the house even this morning.  Barb spent hours in the Emergency Clinic and was patched up and actually out working this morning however these injuries are going to require Orthopedic attention because she broke a finger.  

NOTHING makes me more angry than irresponsible pet owners.  NOTHING.  Thank goodness it was Barb and not a small child or a person not trained to respond the way our Team is trained.  

Our client posted a note on Facebook last night "This is not understandable but there are people, esp. on Mxxxxx Street* in New Orleans who are using their dog as a guard, which would be fine, but they leave the dog deserted day and night. I think it's a trend and I'm sorry I've missed it until now. Please keep you eyes out and do something - anything -"

*I will inform those of you in that neighborhood.

Barb was able to speak to the owner of the dog, get her address and a telephone number.  

Barb is up and at it and pressing on with her day.  You may not be able to read her notes but she is on a roll and taking care of our babies.  

Keep her and our sweet baby D in you thoughts.  

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