Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Could really use some help y'all! - Born 7.19

A client of ours is helping with this litter of pups and they are looking for fosters, adopters, etc...  Any help!  Note from client:  

Sorry about the format... working on it!
Below is a picture from yesterday.  These pups were born on July 19th to a black lab mom and a stray medium size mix of possibly lab/ridgeback.  There were 15 pups originally.  We took one on day 2 and she is doing great.  Another died 2 days ago.  Unfortunately, the owners of the female lab do not have the knowledge, resources or desire to help these puppies through this delicate time.  The lab mom is having a hard time nourishing all of them so severl of the pups are very small.  They are living in a warehouse with no climate control and all have fleas.  It is extremely hot and smells of urine and feces.  I'm hoping that if an offer to help one of more of these pups is made, the owner will accept.  



Photo of one that was rescued (thanks Barb) today.
So sleepy fell asleep on the scale.

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