Monday, September 30, 2013

Sawyer, Buzi and Grace...

I was thrilled to hear from Sawyer and got some emails about how she is doing so I asked if I could update y'all.  You know - privacy is very important to me!  So much so that I "hide" our Team profiles...  Sawyer was with us PostK until she finished her PhD.  On the 2nd of March 2010 she answered my #1 10 + 10 question this way...  

What is your background... College? Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Michigan State University (dual major in Neurobiology and Animal Behavior), then it was off to Mozambique for 27 months in the Peace Corps (I taught human anatomy, biology, and genetics to 8-10th graders in Portuguese...yup, that was entertaining (for them)), Masters in Public Health from Tulane (focus on Global Maternal and Child Health and HIV/AIDS), currently a PhD student in International Health focusing on food security and child development in Malawi...oh, and procrastination!

Sawyer is now living in Northern Uganda in a town called Gulu.  (She said "it's as boring as it sounds!) 

Her words - "They are doing well.  Outrageously busy with work and raising (they adopted) an almost two year old.  Dogs are so much easier.  Here is a picture of Grace walking Buzi while we where home in July..."

She went on to say... "she is a monster but oh so sweet. (Grace's naked buns are all over town so it wouldn't be the first time the world saw her naked.) Obviously we already have her in training for the next generation of New Orleans Pet Care kids".  

I could not not be more excited for Buzi that she has a little sister and moreover that Sawyer - PhD is working so hard to take care of all of those precious babies in Africa so they are able to get the health care they so deserve.  

Bless you Sawyer... Kiss to our sweet Buzi and I can't wait to meet you Grace!

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