Thursday, October 24, 2013

Over the rainbow...

Recently we lost one of our little babies  and Mom sent us the sweetest card.  I am sharing this because as you may know, I help clients, friends of, whomever when it is time and they want to let go at home rather than going to the Veterinary office.  I tell people that I let Remy go at home because I did not want my last memory pulling him into the place he liked the very least.  It was one of the most peaceful moments of my life.  You can't really explain it until you experience it.  I wanted to share her card and if you find yourself or someone you know is there... I am here to help if you need me to make arrangements for you.  

"Dear Nicole and Bradley,

Nicole we are so appreciative of your detailed co-ordination of the process of the last hours of S's life.  It was reassuringly as said - smooth, kind, gentle, sensitive and painless.  Dr M provided these qualities too as you did.  A came to take S and she provided a cradle like basket with a soft sweet blanket to cover S on his way...  I felt that we instantly became friends as I feel with you Nicole.  

Bradley, thank you so much for very kindly caring for S.  I know that we were over the top spoilers, especially at the end,, but you did whatever we asked and lovingly.  I could tell that he knew you and was comfortable with you - he ate for you! 

We will always have a special place in out hearts for this wonderful team that took care of S.  

With much love..."

Our client has graciously offered to speak to anyone at that crossroad if you need help making the decision to do it at home.  Again - client, friends of... I am here if you need me.  You don't have to do it.  I will take care of all of it.  

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