Saturday, November 9, 2013

Other than not being able to see out of my eyeball...

All is well today. I do have some key learnings in case you find yourself in the situation - 

Voice texting, blogging, emailing with the microphone on an iPhone does not always turn out like you wanted it to... However often pretty funny. 

There's absolutely nothing on television on a Saturday. 

Now that I can see a Little better I am 100% sure neurologists should never ever ever ever be responsible for choosing your haircut. I love everyone of them but should've shaved my head. I can't even describe how ridiculous I look. That's actually not new... this just takes it to another level.  However they've all been amazing! 

When you're walking the halls with the physical therapist and people are staring at you it is indeed because your pajamas do not match and you look like A complete disaster.  For some reason however it hasn't bothered me once... Just so grateful to not be in the room! 

Fingers and paws crossed that I get bounced today.  Thank you so much for everything. I'm so thankful to have this behind me... Haircut and all. EB (both of y'all!) CC and DM - I have no words. My heart is full and my gratitude is beyond.  

I'll let y'all no if I can bounce this joint! I love it but I do miss my babies and my laptop and all the rest of my babies and hanging with my team! 

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