Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pamela's baby Frau... Over the rainbow...

Just 22 days ago Pamela and her husband lost little baby Lilly.  This morning her sweet Frau died while Mommy held her in her arms.  They have been preparing for this but you can never really be prepared.  They rescued her 19 years ago.  They named her Spade because of the upside down design on her neck.  She came to be known as Frau as she sounded like that when she meowed.  I know Lilly was waiting for her on the other side.  

Sweet Frau - keep your spirit at home with Mom and Dad and watch down on them.  We wanted her to stay home with Dad today but she insisted on making sure she personally took care of all of her babies on her own.  You know this already but... that is your Mom.  A heart of gold and a treasure to me.

The rest of the day is yours...  and we know you are at peace with your brothers and sisters who have gone on before.  

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