Saturday, March 29, 2014

After fatal attack, experts say dog owners should know warning signs

WWL story with comment from Ken Foster.

Facebook post from Ken.  Such a sad situation.

From XX "ken, please tell us what you know about the attack in houma. i'm hearing so many rumors............that breeding pair, that they were planning to breed the 6 month old female, that the male was on steroids, that he was offered for stud, that he wasn't purebred, was part cane corso, dogo argentino, and on and on. what is most sickening is that this human made "monster" had abnormal, pathetic life, and that many other pit bull type dogs will suffer because of this tragic incident. if you know the facts, please share.
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  • Ken Foster He's registered as an American Bully, which is a breed that mixes larger dogs like Cane Corso and mastiff. He sired a litter a few months ago. The female dog had just gone into her first heat. They were staying at the woman's apartment because her boyfriend was out of town--another male was staying at another location. But the breed, whatever it was, isn't relevant. The circumstances are.
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  • Nicole Douget Well said Ken Foster .

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