Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Orleans Lab Rescue needs our help...

Lucky needs his leg amputated. It was broken when he was hit by a car, he also lost his right eye in that accident. He was a stray when it happened and while it healed. Since he seemed to use it (somewhat), the decision was made to leave it. He was adopted out and at that time, he was still getting infections in the leg. Everytime he went off the antibiotics, the infection and bleeding came back. They discovered there was something in his leg and operated - they found part of a turtle shell! Probably from that same accident. However, Lucky's behaviour changed in the past year and he was returned to the rescue. We discovered that he was in pain. Following x-rays, it was decided that his leg really needs to be removed. It's causing issues in other areas. Following surgery, he will need rehab and hopefully training to correct some of the bad habits he's learned. Lucky's only 3 - he has a long life ahead of him. We would love to get him started on that road. If you can help, please donate to his fundraiser. If you can't right now, please share his story and help us raise the money needed for his surgery and recovery. Thanks!

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