Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This baby needs a home

I received this photograph and email from a client...  Sorry about the format!

Hi Nicole -
We had an exciting night. Went to Oakwood Mall, came home and I thought B 
ran over a cat. Turns out that a kitten took a ride in the undercarriage of 
B's car. We got him (looks like mini balls are dropping) out and in the 
house. Seems to be in pretty good condition. Dirty with maybe a tiny scrape on 
his nose. No fleas which was surprising. He ate twice, drank some water and 
passed out. Purrs like crazy and doesn't mind being picked up and held. I've 
named him Chrysler which seems to fit. P and H are NOT happy. While 
I'd love to keep him, I'm not sure we should. We are more than happy to foster. 
Can you help? Post on blog / FB? Any chance Pamela is looking for a new little 
buddy? Lol! How about Spaymart? Or another no kill shelter / adoption group? And 
any thoughts or info you can provide regarding a kitty  bath? That sounds like a 
terrible idea but it is necessary! :) Thanks, C

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