Monday, September 29, 2014

Coyotes in Lakeview & BSJ and Barb got attacked by a pack of 6 dogs...

FYI y'all...  We hear that coyotes are out of control in Lakeview and Bayou St John.  We also hear that Wildlife & Fisheries "does not have the funding to deal with it".  I know that the bird street residences in Lakeview have hired  a trapper.  Please help spread the word to your neighbors so that everyone knows that they are out and about.  Be safe in City Park and please share with those neighbors/friends that have outdoor cats. 

Also - Barb was attacked today (with her personal pets) in her neighborhood.  She is a bit hurt but really shaken.  If you have neighbors that have a tendency  to not be as vigilant with gates, etc... report them.  REPORT THEM and please make sure to file report(s) with Animal Control.  That is the only way to get the attention that it needs.  Warn your neighbors and encourage them to do the same.  These owner's pets could really hurt someone and get hurt/hit as well.  

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