Monday, January 26, 2015

What a day!

Update @ 7:49 - If you sent a text at all today and I did not reply, please email just in case it does not reappear when they turn on my next broken phone!  

I always want to make sure we are an open book…  I spent the morning with one of my Team Members at an Emergency Clinic.  We were able to see a Doctor, get medication and get that person tucked into bed to take rest.  We started off a bit shaky but were able to get on track.  We got a bit lucky with a few cancellations!  (I would NEVER say that on another day)

I got back home after helping with babies and dropped my cell phone and I cracked the screen.  Second Iphone I have managed to destroy!

If you have sent a text today, I would ask that you email just in case they are not restored when I get the new phone in the morning. 

I will be out helping again tomorrow!  That is the only good part about all of this. Thanks for understanding that we were a bit behind but not by much… 

Thus the reason we always say for every Plan A… we have a B and a C!  Thanks TEAM NOLAPC for pulling together and getting it done!  Still in progress ;)

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