Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our first little Who Dat...

In July of 2007 I received a telephone call from a gentleman who was about to bring this little one home.  R&S were so very viligent and passionate about making sure the new addition was well taken care of.  We got him at 9ish weeks and and he lived here and lived with my staff for 8+ years. They are the type of owners who made sure he was walked Monday - Friday mid day and if they were going to be a minute  past late would add a PM. We have shared so many milestones... the birth of G's sister was the best milestone ever. Today is our last day with him and we are all so heartbroken but so happy for them. A new journey but it hurts to let them go. He was my first Who Dat and I am so thankful that they have trusted us enough to lead others to us. We are going to miss y'all so much. 

Now (umless they are playing us) the Bears will be my 2nd favorite team.  

S,R,C & G - We appreciate your support and adore y'all.  We all love you G man.  

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