Wednesday, December 7, 2016

So... who is Claudemir?

I posted Cathie's 10+10 so I wanted to just comment on another name some of you may have heard. Claud (as we call him) has been with us for months and months. He helps me a great deal with "PA" type things but also had been introduced to a handful of clients so that he could help with adds and some time off requests. He came to me via a wonderful client, his Partner,  who started with me in 2007. We took care of his wonderful little Barron until he crossed Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. (For you OG's... Sawyer and Jessica took care of Barron!) Claud is originally from Brazil and has only been in New Orleans for a little over a year. He actually owned a Pet Store in Brazil and finished his Engineering Degree there as well! He is studying English at Delgado three days a week and has a private teacher two days a week. Yes, he is here legally and has his work permit however, this is his first job in the US! I am blessed beyond belief to have a client who lives next door who speaks Portuguese too and he has been so helpful in having in depth conversations with Claud. I am so honored to be giving him this experience and he is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. His main duty every day is to walk Henri and Isabelle until they can hardly move! We have to spell his name in this house or the babies go bananas! He is leaving in a few weeks to return to Brazil but will be back in February. To those of you that have met him and read his notes... thank you for your patience. He is understandably nervous to write in English and will take a photo of each note and send to me to make sure he is selecting his words correctly. He is amazing and y'all are amazing for allowing me to work with him. 

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