Tuesday, September 19, 2017


After Hurricane Katrina, I had so few clients that I worked to rebuild the company while working full time. I took care of this darling little girl the very first Christmas back and let me tell you... she scared the heck out of me and I loved her so much. The first time I visited I could not find her anywhere. I was so upset that she was hiding that I sat on the sofa and contemplated waiting longer or phoning her Mom. All of the sudden a Christmas ornament went flying off of the tree and another one and another one! Anyone that knows me knows that I immediately thought it was a ghost! I screamed and ran out the door. I finally got enough nerve to go back in and there was Annabelle... in the tree, looking at me.

This started my love affair with her. You were my first kitty little girl and you sure trained me quickly. I love you, Ms. Pamela loves you and I know your Mom and Dad and your siblings love you too. You will be missed and know that you left a huge paw print on my heart. I swear I think of you and I smile, every time I see a Christmas Tree!

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