Sunday, March 30, 2008

My dog-obsessed life :)

Meet my family...Buzi, my 3 year old black lab is not only the love of my life, she is my alarm clock, my inspiration for running, the reason I am covered in mud 99.9% of the time, my travel companion, and my confidant. Dil is my 1.5 year old ball of fury...he is absolutely nuts, frequently vindictive, often found causing trouble or picking on his big sister who he loves more than me! On rare occasion he likes to sit on my shoulders while I study, he loves to be burped like a baby, and he loves, loves, LOVES to sit next to Buzi and beg for food while I eat dinner. They are both spoiled rotten and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Have you ever heard the expression "fighting like cats and dogs"? Welcome to my home:

Working for New Orleans Pet Care maintains my sanity. It forces me to leave my office, take a break from studying, and forget about analyzing data, teaching, grading, and everything else that comes with doctoral studies. However, I would NEVER be able to do it without the help of my four-legged family! Buzi and Dil take care of entertaining the puppies who come spent the night at my between runs and yard time and trips to audubon park, Buzi and Dil do the entertaining, and occasionally, the disciplining :)
Lola really just wants Buzi to get up and play!

Ralphie and Buzi love to cuddle in my bed!

"Queenie, there just isn't room in the chair for all of us!" -Dil

And last but not of my favorites...Baby Gunner:

Gunner came into my life when his mom and dad were kind enough to send him to my house for an extended stay when he was very little. Buzi taught him to swim, Dil taught him to chase cats :) His jumping in the toy box days are over and he is a teenager now, but he still loves to come play!

I will close my first posting by thanking everyone who sends their babies to my house...they do a great job of wearing out my wild children!! And I love the extra puppy love I get from each and every one of them!

-Sawyer, Buzi and Dillard

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