Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ms. Patty

"Right now Patty is watching the computer by standing on the bed behind me and throwing her weight on my back and shoulders. When it is her dinner time, she will not bark.. she sits and stares at the fridge. She knows which toys go in her box and which are in our bed. I never know what I will roll over. If I can't find her I know she is in the bathroom looking at the curtain: she has tossed one of her rubber toys in the tub. Every afternoon she takes a nap curled up in my lap. She loves the rope toys y'all gave her. I have a lot of Patty stories. I really should write them down since one day I would like to - write a book "Patty is a Hoot..."

WE CAN CONFIRM... PATTY IS A HOOT! And, we love her. We also think her mom is pretty special!

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