Sunday, June 6, 2010

I got this from Donna/PAWS yesterday... Can you help?

These babies were tied to their leashes yesterday morning. There owner tied them up, left a letter stating she couldn't take care of them anymore and left. When the PAWS staff came in all they saw were the empty leashes with the letter. The dogs pulled at the leashes so hard they snapped them and escaped. Thank God there was a woman driving down Belle Chasse Highway (Hwy. 23) and saw all 3 dogs walking along the highway together. She pulled over and not knowing what happened brought them to PAWS (what a coincidence), They have been fully vetted (shots, heartworm meds and fixed) They get along with other dogs and they are the sweetest babies imaginable.
> I cannot even fathom what these babies were thinking seeing their person after all this time, tie them up and just drive away. In her letter she stated that her parents were moving in and they didn't like animals. One is a shih tzu and the other one is a Bichon mix. The lady that found them wandering just lost her Cocker Spaniel and offered to foster the Cocker until we can find a home for them.
> Give me a call if you know anyone interested. Thanks.... Donna

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