Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sad day...

We are going to miss seeing Mr. Albert everyday... Sadness!

From Humid Beings... today

If you have spent any time on Magazine Street in the Irish Channel chances are that you knew Albert.

He’s the guy who tells you that “we are all one” and that “God loves all his children” or just the proverbial “God bless you”. He likes to eat at Rally’s. He’s got a Power Puff Girl (Bubbles) on his walking cane amidst all the other gris-gris. He shares similar beliefs as Tupac… “only God can judge”. Most people probably think he is a homeless street guy, but he is a Vietnam veteran (I’m sure this led to his seemingly craziness) who lived in the Channel. Several shop owners on Magazine Street pay him pocket change to help out in opening and closing stores. He once gave a friend of mine a pair of house slippers from ‘Jesus’. I use to give him rides on my tandem bicycle.

According to a neighbor, Albert passed away in his home yesterday. His presence will be missed. I hope that if you have an “Albert” in your neighborhood that you take the time to get to know him a little… you never really know anything about anyone else unless you engage in conversation.

Yesterday afternoon, Albert, my longtime (25+years) neighbor and friend was found dead by his family in his brothers house. I know all of his friends will be sad at this news. He was always loving and full of joy. I am so glad he was in my life. My dogs will miss him terribly. I and all his friends have so many hilarious stories. I myself ended up in central lockup defending his right to interact with my dogs in the street. You had to have been there, but it was worth it! If all of us bring just half the sunshine to the day Albert did, it is a life well lived.

What is your favorite story about Albert?
Please share it here so that we can build him a Nolapedia page. coming soon

Thank you in advance!
by Michaelgirl

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