Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sir Remy

I just sent Derek's web site link to a new client and pulled up the "listen" page and listened to "Sir Remy". That song always makes me laugh...

For those of you that have not heard it or the story...

When I got Remy, Derek (my brother and roommate on 7th & Constance) was touring in Europe. He was not as thrilled as I was about my new addition... Upon his return and for days, he thought Remy's name was Sir Remy because I was constantly YELLING - "NO SIR REMY". The kid (Remy) was into everything and non stop!

Thus, one of his tunes on his first CD... Sir Remy. I hope you will listen.

Perhaps the next CD will feature "Isabelle Jane - Have you lost your mind?" and/or/B side "Henri - thank you for being so good for Mommy... what the hell is wrong with your sister?".

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