Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Regarding PAWS!

I just received word from Sue our President of PAWS, Karen one of our employees called Sue and told her how cold it is in the PAWS building, not the warehouse, the first 3 rooms with the smaller dogs. The heating company said the building has too many holes in it and that's why its so cold but anyway we need to get these babies warmed up. They have blankets in the cages now but of course we know they soil them or tear them up. They are washing them but can't keep up. Please send out a plea for a couple of portable heaters, small blankets and towels. We won't be able to run the heaters at night since no one will be there but maybe if we get the rooms warm enough and with the blankets it might make them more comfortable. We had 2 very small chis that Tammy our Secretary brought to Terri's (foster mom's) house to foster last night because they are hairless and were very cold. We have 6 shepherd mix puppies about 8 weeks old that have an upper respiratory infection that need to be fostered before it turns into pneumonia. The only problem is they need to go to a foster home with no other dogs as it can be contagious. We are trying to do the best with what we have but sometimes the tables turn on us and we have to deal with the hand we are given.
Winter is really hard on us and the building we are in is deplorable condition but at least we have a roof over our heads and we are appreciative for that. If anyone can help or donate, please email or 458.1255. Also, if you all could forward this email to anyone you think that could help us, please do so. The power of email is phenomenal and we need a couple of miracles for these babies right now.

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