Thursday, December 16, 2010

We are lost! Do you know us?

Note from client...
Freinds and neighbors, last night a dachsaund and dachsaund beagle mix strolled in Mick's Pub. Tracy, the owner of the Red Door on Carrollton happened to be there and picked them up and tried going door to door in hopes of helping them find their home. Currently the little pair are at 4841 Bienville, but unfortunately the owner can't hold on to them for much longer, so they plan to take them to the SPCA. Attached is a photo of the dogs. If these pups are familiar to you or you know where their home or owner is, please contact Kimberly at 504-486-9533 or Tracy at the Red Door bar.
Natalie Lafont
Cell: 504-228-7325

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