Monday, April 4, 2011

Amelia Update...

Crate training is going well... she loves sleeping in her crate!

We were so excited and hopeful yesterday because we were pretty sure we had a good prospect for a home for Amelia but they decided against her... for all of the right reasons and we are grateful for them passing on her to make sure she gets the perfect home.

We did get some great news yesterday... One of the most amazing trainers in NOLA, Ann Becnel has offered her services to whomever adopts her... (note from Ann - "I will give free dog training to whoever does have a place in their home for that precious girl. Puppy Kindergarten and Group classes in City Park, basically training for the first 14 weeks of her new life."

Thanks so much Ann and thank y'all for cross posting and helping us find a home for sweet Amelia.

If you have not done so, read Amelia's story here.

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