Monday, April 4, 2011

Wild Coyote in the Audubon, Upper Hurstville & TwinBrook area - HEADS UP Y'ALL!

Uptown Neighbors: Please note the following from our NOPP patrols:

Wild Coyote in the Audubon, Upper Hurstville, and TwinBrook area:

I received a call from a resident in the 6000 block of Garfield, and was informed that some neighbors told her they seen a wild coyote going in her back yard. As I was sitting on State St. at Garfield writing a report the coyote appeared I followed it until it left the area on Camp heading toward Jefferson. I notified NOPD , Audubon Park Security, and called Charles Parker Wildlife removal @ (504) 338-7517 and informed them of the situation.
Capt. Baldassaro

FYI- a coyote has no qualms about killing a cat or a dog and can probably take on all but the largest canine breeds (say, German Shepherds and larger). This is a real problem for the ‘hood ‘til the animal gets caught (or shot). Humans are rarely attacked but I cannot speak for this particular coyote!

Louis Gurvich
NOPP, President

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