Sunday, June 26, 2011

Report off leash dogs...

Sawyer was attacked last night by a off leash Pitbull while walking Buzi and one of our clients. They were in a very familiar area and had never run into the dog or owner prior to the attack.

In my opinion, this city is out of control with stupid owners that let dogs roam neighborhoods or hang out in the yard while they are in the yard, etc.

Although last night was a different situation... I would be willing to bet this was not the first time this dog was out off leash.

Please y'all... please - If you know someone in your neighborhood who "just lets the dog out of the door before bed" or whenever... please report them to Animal Control or to your Police District - Quality of Life Officer. If you don't want to do it - pass the information to me and I will do it for you.

Believe it or not, this is a very dangerous job! I deal with at least one call to report at least once a month. Every one of my team members have been attacked/aggress(ed) more than once. If you have never been attacked or even had an aggressive dog approach you... consider yourself lucky.

If you know of someone in your neighborhood that does allow dogs to roam off leash - a heads would be greatly appreciated.

All are fine - now. It could have been worse but it did not have to happen.

Thanks so much for "listening" and please consider making those telephone calls to make sure unsafe owners are sent a message from the proper authorities.


Leash Law (Sec. 18-14) - Dogs which are properly licensed and vaccinated may be allowed outside of an enclosure if they are kept on a secure leash and accompanied by its owner or keeper. Any dog that is found "running at large" can be impounded and the owner or keeper ticketed..
  • About Your Cat (Sec. 18-14(d)) - There is no leash law applying to cats. In order for your cat to be legally allowed outside, the animal must remain on the owner's property, be spayed or neutered, properly licensed, vaccinated and tagged with the owners name, current address and phone number. Any cat that is found "running at large" can be impounded and the owner or keeper ticketed.


Orleans Parish Animal Control

Louisiana SPCA 504-368-5191 ext 100

Jefferson Parish Animal ControlWest Bank 504-349-5111

East Bank 504-736-6111

Kenner Animal Control


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