Monday, June 27, 2011

Rocky - Killed by NOPD Officer

Rocky, a three-legged family pet, was senselessly shot and

killed by a New Orleans Police Officer. He deserves justice.

The story of his killing was widely reported in the New Orleans media.

Click here to see the coverage by WDSU.


This Monday, June 27th, please call the New Orleans Police Department and leave a message for Superintendent Ronal Serpas at 504-658-5757. Ask him to immediately reinstate the dog bite prevention workshop for all of his officers. The police must learn to humanely interact with the animals they come into contact with on the job. You can also let him know your feelings about the death of Rocky.

Please help us keep up the fight for animals like Rocky, who was only three years old. We will monitor the NOPD's investigation closely to make sure justice is done in this case.

We're working hard every day to seek justice for Louisiana's animals, wherever they suffer. Our efforts usually never capture headlines like these. But every day, HSL is standing up for animals: writing letters to public officials, speaking out at town meetings, knocking on doors to educate irresponsible or uneducated pet owners.

Dozens of our compassionate volunteers are meeting tomorrow to form a new Humane Education program. They will deliver the critical message of compassion and nonviolence to New Orleans area students and residents.

Can you help us keep up the good fight for Louisiana's defenseless animals? We would deeply appreciate any DONATION you could make towards our advocacy work. Your contribution will help fund our statewide cruelty investigations and crime prevention programs.

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