Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heads up NOLAPC Team & Neighbors/Clients


LOCATION: 2100 St. Charles Ave                       
FILMING DATE: Friday, May 11th
 9:00 am – Midnight
Dear Residents and Business Owners,

We will be returning to the neighborhood to film at 2100 St. Charles Ave on Friday, May 11th. 

Please excuse us as we move our working trucks and crew into your neighborhood Friday. We will exercise every effort to be quiet as we go about our work. Please don’t hesitate to ask anyone with a radio to contact Locations if you have any questions or concerns while we are on site filming.  You can also contact the Locations Department via e-mail or phone using the contact info listed below.

We are working with Katie Williams in the Mayor’s Office of Film and Video, who can be reached at 504-658-0923 to verify our credentials. We will also be working with Law Enforcement Officers and Traffic Engineering to effect traffic control and monitor safety for you and our crew. In addition to our reserved parking we will also be using intermittent traffic control for safety while operating a streetcar in the nuetral ground, between the hours of 7:00 pm – midnight, on the 2100 block of St. Charles Ave at the corner of Jackson Ave, to hold vehicular traffic for short intervals. Traffic control officers will assist local traffic in getting to and from their intended destination in a safe and efficient manner.

Parking will be reserved with “No Parking” signs in the area for our working trucks between the hours of 9:00 am – midnight.  All signs will be promptly removed upon completion of filming:


2000 - 2100 St. Charles Ave (both sides)

1900 St. Charles Ave (lake side,  ½ block @ St. Andrew St)

1600 Josephine St (downtown side, ½ block @ Carondelet St)

1500 Josephine St (both sides)

2000 - 2100 Prytania St (lake side)

1500 – 1600 Jackson Ave (downtown side)

1600 St. Andrew St (both sides)

1800 – 2000 Carondelet St (river side)

Should you have any deliveries, events, appointments, medical concerns or questions that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you again for your support of filmmaking in and around New Orleans.

With regard,

Evan Gabriele – Episode Manager – 917-288-4073 cell

Virginia McCollam – Location Manager -

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