Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can you help find us homes...

I have a wonderful client who really needs help finding homes for these two beautiful babies as soon as possible.  Please y'all... please don't judge her... please just understand that sometimes people have to make decisions that will haunt them forever.  This is not as simple as finding an apartment that will take cats... it is so much more complicated than that.  If you know of someone out of state or have a rescue organization that will take them, I will pay for transports.  Please share and let me know if you can help.  Thanks so much.  
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Hi Nicole:

I'm looking to find a home for my two cats as my financial and health situation 
has changed and I am moving into an apartment that doesn't allow pets. I adopted 
Bam Bam who belonged to an elder African American woman named Rachel who became 
ill and passed and the family was going to have him put down because he has 
Feline Aids. He is a cool cat and is approximately 11 years old. Blacky was 
adopted from the Prytania Veterinary Hospital after a man found him uptown but 
couldn't keep her because she is has Feline Aids. Blacky is approximately 4 
years old. 

Both cats are healthy and have been under the care of Dr. Ghere at Prytania Vet. 
They are both playful and loving. 

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