Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Vet (Riverlands Animal Hospital) shared this story..

This was a Facebook 17 hours ago.  Keep an open mind...  You never know and somehow this all came together and a precious life was saved.  

Finding Caera:

This is a story that will require a suspension of disbelief! On New Year’s Eve Barbara had come to St. Rose, Louisiana to visit her daughter. She brought her dog, Caera, to see her grandkids. Her daughter, not used to having a dog in the house, opened the door when the fireworks started. Caera was completely terrified and bolted.

Barbara took vacation time to stay and look for her, but eventually she had to return home to Houston. She came back every weekend to look for Caera and distributed about 1,500 fliers. On Day 19, there had not been a single sighting. Vets, shelters, craigslist, newspaper ads, Facebook postings, residents….not a single person had seen her.

Kim Breaux of NOLA lab rescue had used an animal intuitive in Canada to successfully locate a dog that had been lost there. She offered to pay for the intuitive to attempt to locate and speak to Caera. So, I sent a picture of the dog, owner’s name, and the address from which she was lost. Two hours later we had a map where the intuitive had sensed her energy and the conversation she had with her (this is the suspension of disbelief part!).

Communication with Caera January 19, 2013

Caera came in quietly and I explained who I was.
I, then, asked permission to speak with her and explained that her mother was looking for her.

Caera, are you still in your physical body?
> Yes I am

Sweetheart, would you please, walk around the ground for me, so I can watch.
She walks around and stays on the ground. At no time does she lift off the ground, as she would do if she had crossed into spirit.

Caera, can you feel your heart beating?
> Yes, I feel it

Are you inside or outside?
> I'm outside and I'm scared

Is anyone helping you?
> No, nobody

Are you getting some food and water?
She immediately shows me, herself, rooting around in the ground. Perhaps, she has been able to find some food, such as mice.

Caera, do you see any houses?
> No, not right now.

Do you see a road?
> Yes

Are you close to that road now?
> Not very close

Caera, have you seen cars on the road?
> Yes

I would like you to get closer to the road, so people in the cars can see you.
>Okay, will that help me get home?

Yes, sweetheart. I want as many people as possible to see you. The more people that see you, the faster you will get home to your mom.
> Okay

Caera, it is very important to not actually go on the road. Roads can be dangerous because of the cars. Cars drive very fast and if they hit you, they could hurt you very badly.

What else do you see? Please show me.
Well I'm not seeing very much, except a dirt path and some scrub bushes. There appears to be a stand of trees not far away from her

Caera, do you hear anything?
> Birds, lots of birds

Do you smell anything?
> Mud, wet earth

Okay sweetie, I am going to check the maps now and see where I am picking up your energy.
Do not go further into the trees but instead go toward that road, where you have a chance of people seeing you.
If you get to the road and you see houses, even in the distance, go toward the houses but stay off of the roads!!

All right, I have finished the map and you can see where I got the strongest readings. The strongest reading is in red and there is a weaker reading in blue.

From what she is telling me, I would definitely go with the stronger reading in red.

When I read your request to find something that only Barbara and Caera would know, I instantly heard my little Irish girl; however, when I actually went to Caera and asked her, I did not get anything.  I am not surprised, as she is stressed and confused right now

I have asked the Angels to protect Caera and my prayers are with you.


SO…Caera was lost in the middle of the swamp! That might explain why no one had seen her! I found the street that would get us the closest to where she was suspected to be. At the railroad tracks there was a dirt road. We walked as far as we could down the dirt road. We hit water and could go no further. We called her name for about an hour before we had to head back. We stopped at some spots along the way that had places she could hide and searched there. We got back to the neighborhood and handed out fliers to most of the people on the street.

This morning, Day 20, Barbara was in the same area posting signs (we told her we suspected she was in the woods and she preferred to believe a family had her because it was easier). A man approached her saying, “Are you still looking for your lost dog?” She said, “Yes, would you like a flier?” He said, “No, I can do better than that! I have your dog!!!” He had found her wandering up the street earlier this morning. She had been told to walk toward the street and the houses and that is exactly where she was found!

She was dehydrated and had lost about 6 pounds, but other than that she was fine. She received fluids and antibiotics (as a precaution) from Riverlands Animal Hospital and is soon going to be on her way home to Houston! So, sometimes you just have to think outside the box! Expect the unexpected! Welcome home, Caera!

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