Wednesday, April 17, 2013

After the fishbowl post yesterday... (Y'all make me laugh!)

  • T Nicky, I love it. I too bought a similar fish bowl once. However, my wife "dropped" it upon leaving the store. It shattered much like my dreams for putting candy, fish or other collectibles in it. RIP fish bowl.
  • Nicole Douget You seriously just cracked me up! If it is still terribly hard on you, I could send this one.
  • TThank you Nicky, but it is too soon. Too soon.
  • Nicole Douget hahaha! Just made my day!
  • D I just seriously laughed out loud.. You nut! Fill it with treats! You always wanted a fish!
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  •  that is a funny story!!
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  • E ROTFLMAO! Reminds me of when I used to partake a little too much and eBay purchases would should up later. My favorite is the set of 3 KISS dolls...I guess my counting was so I didn't realize it wasn't even a complete set and why on earth would I order KISS dolls? 

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