Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden District News!

Please help us welcome a few new businesses recently opened in the Garden District.   Support them with a visit and spread the word to your friends:  

Grand Opening today at the Rink: 
Loomed NOLA.  Everything is handmade in a successful attempt to revive true craftsmanship and art in our everyday lives. We work with the last nine families of artisan weavers in Turkey to bring you high quality organic handwoven textiles. We carry a variety of both flat-woven and plush towels, blankets, scarves, shawls and bath robes in exclusive designs. In addition to textiles, we also carry one of a kind quartz clay pieces, antique copper and kilims, and small batch goat milk soap. 

Dat Dog:  The fun, colorful  home to the eclectic dog on a bun opened recently on Magazine near Louisiana Avenue. Outdoor seating and a fun filled atmosphere is drawing big crowds.   “Hotdogs make you happy. Embrace your bliss”, as the owners say and explore the many different styles of  dogs on the menu.  Here, the bark is as good as the bite.  Try it!

Charcoal:  After a very long wait this upscale burger joint has opened to positive reviews.  In a new building on the corner of Magazine Street and Jackson Avenue, they provide a new anchor and much needed activity for that corner.  Bison, venison, antelope, turkey, elk, salmon, red bean and  shrimp burgers are calling your name!   Stop in and spread the word.

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