Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It has been such a hard morning for so many reasons...

I am going to devote my day to my Uncle whom I just found out just passed away this morning.  I was speaking to my Aunt a few days ago who kept telling me he wanted to go home to be with his dog ' "his little girl" - who just happens to be a Black Lab. Labs were his favorite and the best I can recall, I think he said this was his 10th or 12th.  Uncle B followed the blog and often sent me great funny notes and articles. During our last visit he was showing me how she would get his slippers out of the closet and he would give her a cookie.  She had 4 pair out for him before she decided she was full.  It was so funny... he was a great trainer.

He went home yesterday so he got to hold his little girl one more time.  I can just imagine her sitting in his office... waiting.  Thank goodness Mommy loves her just as much.

Loyalty...  puts thing in perspective. 

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