Thursday, April 25, 2013

It made me laugh...

I had a few conversations with parents today who have tournaments for various sports this weekend that are all over the State.  One of them said - "not sure about next weekend... it depends on this weekend.   Is it wrong that I hope we loose?"  

She is not asking for opinions from the mass and not being serious so no need to put her on blast.  I can't imagine balancing one child in sports so I really can't imagine more than one and add to that people who actually care for pet(s) and want to make sure they are out and have proper dinner...

I stared thinking - how in the world do these coaches to it?!  I mean - one child would be overwhelming and being responsible for well -  I wonder the number on on a team...?!  Goodness.  Add to that - times the number of parents... can you imagine?  Add to that the fact they have to wear what I am sure can be considered ridicules uniforms - like soft purple shirts with no sleeves (often called WBs) and random 1980s jean shorts.  I went to a Softball game once at the fly and they had beer.  I suppose that could make it more palatable but I am guessing that is not proper parenting.  

This is why I have dogs.  

We should all hug a coach.  

So - no stress y'all - just add as you win and we all know we all hope for wins!

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