Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Against my better judgement...

If you have a dog, sometimes you know you have to deal with things that are just better dealt with by walking it off.  I miss walking them so much... so - I walked them.  Now I know why the Doctor told me not to walk them yet.  It was beautiful and I enjoyed the sun on my face.  It was actually funny...  one friend passed in his car and circled back to see if I had completely lost my mind but let me go on my way.  

The strangest thing happened (and why I will not go that far if when I do it again).  When we were on 2nd Street heading home (in front of Trent Reznor/John Goodman house) and on the corner.  I was dizzy but fine... My babies always sit at every corner and when we stopped this time I was especially dizzy. Generally,  they both sit facing the street and just in front of me but Henri sat facing me this time.  It was very odd.  I said "lets go" and he never got up.  I said it again and again - he never moved.  So, I gave it a few minutes, calmed myself down, he looked at me, got up and we carried on.  We made it back safely but I don' think I will be doing that again very soon.  

Henri is very interesting and intuitive.  I have told this story but never blogged about it.  The day I had my seizure I remember Henri laying across my feet when I was sitting down.  He never does that... Isabelle cuddles but Henri really does not.  That is one of the last thing I remember.  I was told when I was found, that Henri was on my feet and refused to move.  Odd.  

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