Friday, May 10, 2013

Garden District neighbors/clients - Did you see this?

The satisfaction shown by Captain Bob Bardy, Commander of the 6th Distirct could not be contained when the 51 indictments were announced yesterday naming 15 people in a racketeering conspiracy, 15 killings, numerous armed robberies and other violent acts across the city.  ”I believe that today’s sweeping indictments in the Irish Channel will have a monumental impact on crime throughout the Garden District”, he stated.

This has been a work in progress for Bardy and the multi agency team working on the case.   The Irish Channel was home for this large “umbrella group” of gang members called the “110ers’.   Taking these criminals off the streets is a big step towards a safer city for all of us. We applaud Capt Bardy, the NOPD and DA’s office for their great work.

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