Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Humane Society of Louisiana - Needs our help!

URGENT: Your help is needed NOW to help HB 470 pass: the Louisiana bill requiring that dogs be safely confined in crates in the backs of pick up trucks on Louisiana's interstate highways. The bill has passed three major hurdles - the House and Senate committees and House floor; now we've just got one more hurdle - passage on the senate floor. Unfortunately, at least one senator is against the bill and is creating opposition. Please contact your state senator and ask them to support HB 470 to protect dogs and make our highways safer for everyone. You can find out your state senators using the link below. (Remember, you need to contact your STATE senators in Baton Rouge, not federal Senators Vitter and Landrieu.) Special thanks to Senator Sherri Smith Buffington (R-Keithville) for handling the bill for us on the Senate floor. We only need a simple majority of 20 votes - let's finish the job!!

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