Thursday, February 20, 2014

The top reasons that make working in the Quarter AMAZE!

  1. Rationalizing with drunk people in the morning.  
  2. Laughing with drunk people in the morning.
  3. Agreeing to selfies with drunk people in the morning.
  4. Getting yelled at  by trash patrol.  
And - #5 - Getting your car towed when you are parked in a "legitimate parking spot, your "boss lady" having to send Mike and the babies to get you with wads of cash so you can pay off whomever is holding your car until your fork it over!, Your boss lady (who is teaching a class online) knowing if she sends - Barb, Bradley, Erin or Barb - you will NEVER get your car back. Thanking whomever not limited to SUPERMAN in the sky that Mike protects and will never ever leave any one of my Team alone but knowing full well he would leave me - ;)!  
So with that - We are still on time.  Thank you Megan... thank you Mike!  

I may be on candid camera today!  

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