Friday, October 24, 2014

Rest in peace our baby Nacho...

This is always so hard… Naho’s Mommy started sharing him with us in 2006 and not only did we walk him but he often stayed with us.  He was a wonderful baby but would scare the heck out of us because he would hide when we arrived and never respond when we called him.  He was so good at hiding it would often take more than one person to find him in the house… he loved under the bed, in the closet in a basket, etc.  The best one was when he shoved himself under the sofa cushion!  It took us about an hour to find him! 

I received an email today from him Mommy… He lived 13 years and was so spoiled and loved by his Mommy and all of us.

Darling little baby Nacho… take rest sweet baby.  I hope and dream that when you crossed over, Remy was there to meet you. Know you were loved and will always be.  Watch over your Mommy and let her feel your presence.  Take comfort in the moment you closed your eyes, you were in and will always be in her arms.  

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