Thursday, November 6, 2014

Heads up y'all! Literally. And how hard did that ALM have it growing up? Seriously.

LOCATION: 2504 Prytania Street

The television series ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB, will be filming scenes at 2504 Prytania Street on Wednesday November 12, 2014.  The series is set during the Space Race of the 1960’s and follows the lives of the early NASA flight missions, the astronauts and their wives.

We are working with Katie Williams at Film New Orleans, the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy, who can be reached at 504-658-0923 to verify our credentials.

As local location managers, we understand filming can sometimes be a nuisance.  We will make every effort to lessen our impact on the immediate neighborhood.  We encourage dialogue and to that end we are available to hear any and all of your concerns, so please don’t hesitate to call us directly at the numbers listed below.

Parking will be reserved with “NO PARKING” signs in the area for our working trucks and picture.  We will not block any driveways. All signs will be promptly removed upon completion of filming.

8am MONDAY 11/10 – 8pm THURSDAY 11/13
  • 2500 block of Prytania Street (riverside) 
6:30am – 10:59pm WEDNESDAY 11/12
  • 1400 block of 2nd Street (both sides) 
  • 2500 block of Prytania Street 
  • ½ block (closest to 3rd street) 2600 block of Prytania Street (riverside) 
  • (2 corner parking spots) 2400 block of Prytania Street @ 2nd Street (lakeside)
  • (2 corner parking spots) 1500 block of 2nd Street @ Prytania Street (both sides)
In addition to our parking reserve, we will be conducting TEMPORARY TRAFFIC CONTROL  (up to 3 minutes at a time).  Once we are finished with the take, law enforcement will release traffic.  The camera will remain inside the house but the front door will be open. The object for us is to NOT see modern day cars driving by.   The traffic control affected area details are:
6:30pm – 8:30pm WEDNESDAY 11/12
  • Prytania Street (both directions) between1st & 3rd street
Should you have any deliveries, events or appointments that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to call us in advance, or ask anyone with a radio to contact Locations during the filming.  We thank you again for your support of filmmaking in and around New Orleans.
With regard,

Charlie Brown – Assistant Location Manager – (504) 756-9292 cell
Mickey Lambert – Location Manager

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