Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yesterday - All Saint's Day... Thankful for the extra hour!

Blog time out…  (Figures all this happened on the 1st of the month) 

Administratively, very little was accomplished yesterday.  Thankfully Mike was in town and able to walk my babies and thankfully found a Yellow Lab and could obviously not walk away.  I was able to figure out where she lived  and got her safely home.

Garden District Security contacted me about another missing and we helped that Daddy all afternoon…  Sadly – still missing.

Mike decided to walk the babies again yesterday afternoon to help me out  and was approached/ (dare I say aggressively and by that it wanted to play but Isabelle is not into playing)  rushed by another Lab.  I recognized this one too and phoned the Father to pick up.  When mine saw me drive up in Mike’s car, they pulled so hard that he fell..   He got tangled in all of the leashes.  He had Henri, Isabelle, Max and “protecting the identity” dog.  PTID did not have a leash and Mike did not want to let it go.  It was such a scene that three people pulled over to make sure we were okay.  (BTW – this happened at 1st & Prytania in front of Ms. Uddo’s house and thank goodness her Lab, Lucky was not outside! ) 

We were only able to take care of the immediate needs yesterday and focused on helping the Daddy that still needs to find his little one. 

Thank goodness Mike walked them again today and will be able to walk them later!  

Thanks for your patience.  Likewise,  thanks Bradley, Megan and Pamela for all of your  help and patience. 


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