Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Facebook post from a DVM...


This past Sunday, Franklin, a member of Dr. Nix’s household, survived a life threatening emergency. While out for a walk, Franklin was bitten by fire ants and went into anaphylactic shock. He collapsed, was having difficulty breathing and his gums and tongue became white instead of pink. Franklin was rushed to MEDVET emergency clinic where Dr. Ralph put an IV catheter in, gave epinephrine, steroids and fluids. Fortunately Franklin recovered quickly but now has to go for walks with his Epipen in case he has another bite.

Anaphylactic reactions can occur from insect stings (especially bees!) and medications (rarely vaccinations.) If your pet exhibits any of these signs, rush him to us or the emergency clinic if we are closed. If you can call while on your way, we can be prepared with the proper medicines out.

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