Monday, August 3, 2015

Sweet Daisy... Sweet Emilie

I am so thankful that I am surrounded by such a giving team. Each of them support rescue efforts and are passionate about doing so. This is Daisy. Emilie fostered Daisy for three months and helped place her. Daisy came to her with a broken jaw and was in such pain, fearful, needed love and thankfully she was lucky enough to land in Emilie's arms. After she was healed and rested, Emilie helped place her into a loving home in Maine.

The adoptive family did something so special this weekend. They invited and insisted on paying for Emilie to visit Daisy. She arrived last Thursday to a wonderfully healthy and adjusted pup who was so excited to see the Mommy who saved her life! I think the adoptive parents gave Emilie something she will never forget... and I know it was an experince that Emilie will never forget.

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