Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looziana Basset Rescue needs your help with voting daily until March 4th

Gulf Coast Bank is holding a contest called Gulf Coast Bank Community Rewards.  
Looziana Basset Rescue is currently in 2nd place but needs help to keep it in 2nd place...or possibly move us up to 1st place. 

TOTAL PURSE $50,000 divided up by ranking of # votes:
1st place is $25,000...2nd $10,000...3rd, 4th $5, are $2k or $1k depending on rank

Beginning February 4th and ending March 4, click on the link below and select Looziana Basset Rescue from the list, register your name and email, agree to the terms and conditions and click VOTE! Please encourage your friends and family to vote daily. You can also check out the Leaders to see who's winning. In addition, please share this with all social media and cross post on Facebook. LBR needs LOTS of votes to finish in the top 10....please help us accomplish this goal!!

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