Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Score one for my former client Shirley!

Only "former" because we can travel that distance any longer...  We still love um!  From her Facebook page... The power of one person!  

"Score one for the "animal people"!  

We are pleased to report that the Children?s Museum of St. Tammany will not have a mini-Goldendoodle puppy as part of its Celebration Live Auction.

It is the right decision to remove it from the Live Auction.

It is our hope and wish that those who expressed their concerns about the puppy now support our decision, the Museum and its place in our community.

Finally, and to clarify some misinformation, the puppy was never to be raffled; rather was part of a live auction process, and most important, its safety and well-being was always of utmost importance to us. For the record, we are very happy to relay that all auctioned puppies from our prior years have successfully been placed in loving homes.

This news to remove it from the auction has brought us many offers to adopt the adorable mini Goldendoodle; however, it is best that he remain safely in his existing home.

A special thank you to Julia Breaux Melancon, Louisiana State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, for her positive guidance and assistance.

Quoting Shirley Colvin <shirleytc@cox.net>:

Dear Fundraising Committee,

I recently learned that you plan to auction a puppy off at your upcoming fundraiser. I'm asking that you please reconsider this action as it sends a terrible message. Puppies are living, sentient beings, not inanimate objects. I hope you will consider the difference. Having been a participant at charity auctions, I can attest to the fact that attendees tend to act impulsively. It would be a shame for the puppy to be "auctioned off" to a person who was not fully prepared to make the commitment necessary to give an animal a good home. Please reconsider this auction "item".

Shirley Colvin"

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