Friday, October 18, 2013

All About Animals (GA) needs some support...

This story makes me sick... 

We are deeply saddened by the cruel, criminal and inhumane treatment our beloved dogs endured last night. As most of you already know, sometime between the hours of 8p.m. Wednesday and 7a.m. Thursday, a person or (most likely) persons broke into our shelter in Downtown Macon and committed an unthinkable and deplorable crime. To the best of our knowledge, these criminals broke through our gates, removed security chains from the kennels and released at least 20-30 dogs from their pens. We can only assume their intent was to fight the dogs. There were many breeds of dogs involved, not just bulldog mixes. We are left grieving the death of three sweet, innocent lives: Butler, Jack and Flapjack. Additionally, we have eight dogs in bad shape at three different vets: Lionel, Belle, Mic, Iggy, Asher, Orson, Ansley and Theo. And at least six more with significant injuries that were treated and remain at our shelter: Biscuit, Duchess, Mayhem, Oscar, Porter and Petey. Belle, our sweet, gentle, adult female bulldog mix who was severely injured in the fighting also has wounds that were not created by another dog, but rather are consistent with being intentionally cut. When we arrived this morning, four dogs were missing. Thankfully, all four missing dogs are now safe and accounted for.

Even the dogs who were not involved in this crime are traumatized. Our hearts broke all over again as we found them shaking, cowering in their kennels when we are usually greeted with wiggling bodies and flapping tails.

A generous, anonymous donor has offered a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person involved in this horrific crime. We have also received several messages of others raising money to significantly boost this already generous reward offer. Please spread the word about this reward to help us bring justice against these inhumane people and honor the innocent lives who were injured and lost.

If you have any information on this incident please call the MPD at 751-7500 or Crimestoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME. Or, email us at

We will have 24 hour security until we can put additional security in place.

Community Response
We already have a strong, dedicated group of core volunteers and supporters who devote so much time, energy, money and love to our shelter. Today, we were overwhelmed with the loving support we received from concerned animal lovers, fellow rescuers and community members. We are so grateful to each one of you. We especially want to thank Central Georgia CARES for donating the boarding for five of the dogs at the vet and David Provost for donating new locks and keys for the pens. Additionally, we have an offer from A Com Security to donate a security system if we can find a sponsor for the monthly monitoring fee. We appreciate all of you so much for walking dogs, searching for dogs, transporting them to the vet, cleaning pens, expressing your concern, wanting to help, donating funds. Each and every action matters and is appreciated more than we can ever express. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

What We Need
Many of you are asking what we need. Our list runs long always, and more so now.

Following are the items we need most immediately:

-Fosters for the injured as they recover
-Adoptions for the ones who are safe but scared
-Donations for vet care/medications
-Tarps and poles
-Sponsor(s) for monthly monitoring fee of donated security system (approx $25/month)

Donations can be made in any of the following ways
1) Paypal:

2) Network for Good:

3) You can also mail donations to: P.O. Box 4331 Macon, GA 31208

4) Stop by our shelter at 101 Riverside Drive in Downtown Macon next to the entrance of Central City Park

Don't Judge Them
Every dog at our shelter has already been through so much before they are lucky enough to walk through the gates of our no kill shelter. Our volunteers give their all--day in and day out--to keep these dogs from dying at our local kill shelters, and then to make their new lives at our shelter happy ones. Our dogs aren't perfect, but we know them and love them dearly, despite any quirks or behavior issues. We train them, love on them, rehabilitate them and nurse them into better health. We know them. We know who can play together and who can't play together. We are very careful and deliberate about who we intermingle, and our dogs are never left together unsupervised unless we know for certain it is safe for both dogs. It is inevitable that when you put 20 to 30 dogs together, especially in the high stress situation that we can only imagine was underway during this crime, they are going to fight. Regardless of their breed, size or temperament. It is a pack mentality, and this situation cannot and should not be used to judge any dog individually. Every dog at our shelter is worthy of a loving home. Some may need to be an only pet, some may need to be fed separately, but all of them need and deserve loving, affectionate, responsible owners. They need us now more than ever. Please help us find them homes and show them what it really means to be a dog.

Rest In Peace
Butler - Our three-legged boy was so full of love and life. He just wanted you to hold him. Always. And he did not let the missing leg slow him down. He wasn't even with us very long, but our love abounded. We will miss this amazing soul.

Jack - Swann was his best friend and he will be sorely missed all of us but especially her. Jack had already survived being shot. He was very sweet. loving and gentle. We love you our petite little bulldog.

Flapjack - He was so, so skinny and timid when he first came to us, but we warmed up to all of us so quickly. He was so trusting and sweet. Although he was big and strong, he was just a big baby. Very submissive, playful, loving and funny. We will miss your sweet kisses Flapjack.

We love you all!

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