Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gizmo & Animal Rights For Life need your help...

One of our clients co-workers found this baby yesterday tied to a pile of furniture with wire. Animal Rights For Life (ARFL) graciously took him and if you know someone looking or can help sponsor Gizmo please reach out.  Spread the word if you will please. 

Look at what came in today! This poor baby was one big matt. His rear was matted was old feces. His front legs were matted slightly bent so that he couldn't straighten them. It was so bad that he had a dead roach buried in his matts. He also was found with a wire around his neck that had started to embed into his skin. Check out his before and after photos.

Gizmo has had a rough life so far. He's cleaned up and will have his shots and be neutered within the next couple of days. He needs an immediate foster home that give him lots of love. He's a sweet little boy with a very good disposition. AND HE LOVES TO SNUGGLE!

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