Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Passive Aggressive email from GDS.... Heads up neighbors!

Please don't let friends/tourists/people you see stumbling - drink and walk.  Nothing good comes of it!  

YELLO - I know our city can appear to be the adult Disneyland... it is not.  Not blaming the victim... Really I am not.  If the victim was that trashed... he did a pretty good job of race, height, hair, etc.

"Early this morning, we received a report of an armed robbery in the 1500 block of Second Street, though the location of the actual incident is unknown at this time.

The victim was a 29 yr male from Canada. The victim was on Bourbon Street drinking with friends on 12/30/2014.  At about 1am the victim  decided to leave his friends and walk home. The victim was extremely intoxicated. The victim admits that he did not know if he walking in the right direction because he was so intoxicated. Victim stated he was just walking and at some point Uptown he encountered two black males, unknown clothing description, one subject short hair cut the other short dreadlocks. Both subjects were about 5’7. The subjects offered to assist the victim. The victim refused their help at which point the victim walked away. The subject attacked the victim and robbed the victim. The victim stated after the robbery he walked until he noticed someone at 1550 second St and notified them of the incident. The victim was unable to give us a location of where the robbery occurred.
Again, we ask that you take every precaution and use the patrol as often as necessary.  GDSD patrol 899-4373."

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