Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rant... 8:30am ish...

So this little one was tied to a tree in front of The Rink on Washington and Prytania this morning.  It is really not uncommon for people to do so while getting coffee.  I will never understand that but... whatyagonna do.  As the babies and I were passing she was literally choking herself trying to get away.  I walked into the coffee shop and asked (loudly) if she was someones dog.  A young lady yelled "she is mine".  I told her she was choking herself trying to get loose to which she said - "if she chokes herself she will learn her lesson.."  Well I pray she is fine now. I wish I would have taken her.  She is not there any more.  Rope attached to the tree. I hope her wonderful owner had a leash with her and has her but somehow I doubt it.  If you see her in the neighborhood, please phone me.  I have contacted Garden District Security, Commanders, our clients that are neighbors, etc.  I swear if I see the lady again I am going to take it to a level that could result in being brought up on charges.

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