Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cookies for Kaiser - Made in America

One of my friends and clients uses this company for all of her treats.  You can find them 

on Facebook as well...  These recalls are out of control!  

Gourmet, all-natural, organic dog treats made by Kaiser's Mommy.
We adopted Kaiser on July 7th, 2011. At that time, Kaiser was a 6-8 year old White German Shepherd who was on the euthanasia list at Irving Animal Shelter in Irving Texas. All it took was one photo online and we were hooked. Kaiser is a sweet boy who is heartworm positive (high.) He came to us very underweight, in the early stages of heart failure, with severe dermatitis due to fleas and with a 104 fever due to bronchitis. The bronchitis was brought on by the fact that the heartworms are heading towards his lungs. At some point while he was on his own, his back right foot became broken. The break was severe enough for the bone to protrude through the skin, and over time it healed this way. Needless to say, aside from the entire heartworm/skin issues, Kaiser has problems with running and walking for long periods so he will need surgery to correct his foot also. **Update ~ Orthopedic Vets as well as Texas A&M suggest that due to his age and break location we do NOT do anything. The trauma of rebreaking that many bones (as well as the fact that this injury seems to have happened years ago and he can walk on it) would do him more harm than good. Since it DOES affect his gait he will most likey have hip issues arise. **

"Cookies for Kaiser" came to me when I was up at night solving (again) all the problems of the world. He is such a loving boy, and to think that Kaiser was scheduled to be put down due to his physical issues and lack of interest, broke my heart. Where was his family? What is his story? So often we want "the perfect" dog when what we should be looking at is being the perfect owners. As mothers we so often bake as a sign of love and comfort. I think it is something in our blood. I know that growing up, the world was a much brighter place when I had one of Grandma's fresh baked cookies in hand. "Cookies for Kaiser" is just that. What says love more than home baked goodness? Something healthy and tasty made with all-natural, organic ingredients. A treat that not only fills the tummy but is filled with so much love you can taste it. With every batch I make, prayers go out to Kaiser and other animals alone, hurt, and scared. Proceeds from all sales will go to treatment and surgery for this big white lovable boy and others, who have already captured my heart. **UPDATE! Now that CFK has become a business, instead of a fundraiser - Cookies for Kaiser proceeds now not only help Kaiser and the other animals we have taken in and rescued, but we are commited to donating BACK. Last year over 4000 cookies were donated to rescues across the us. Thank YOU for helping us save the world, one cookie at a time! **

All "Cookies for Kaiser" are made by me, Kaiser's mom (Dawn Henson) in our little cottage kitchen using only the highest quality, all-natural, organic ingredients with my very own recipe. No copies here! The utmost quality control is used from the creation of a healthy, tasty cookie your dog(s) will love to the delivery of the fresh product. Due to the fact that so many of our canine friends have allergies, each listing will show full ingredient list and price. "Cookies for Kaiser" are preservative free so please keep your cookies in an airtight container for up to four weeks on the shelf, six weeks in the refrigerator, or even longer in the freezer. Our pups LOVE icey cold frozen cookies when the Summer heat hits (think frozen Thin Mints!) To ensure the best and most freshest product, all cookies are made to order. Please allow seven to ten business days for processing.

Cookies for Kaiser now offers SHIPPING! Please note that cookies will go out via Priority Mail.

Thank you.

Dawn (& Kaiser ♥ )

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