Monday, June 24, 2013

My love/hate relationship with New Orleans

I have grown to really like the three men working on my floors.  They have and are doing such an amazing job and have been giving me "if this were my house I would..." type feedback.  My floors are just beautiful and they will be finishing today.  I am heartbroken today...  one of them came in with a very distressed look on his face and while I was making his coffee I asked him if something was wrong...  

Orleans Parish Crime and Police News - Times-Picayune -

He told me he lost two brothers to the street and now, a Cousin.  I hugged him and asked him if they would rather work another day and to that he said - "I need to work today.  I pray you never loose a love one to the streets Nicole."  To make matters worse, his other Cousin (the victim's brother with the NOPD) was the second one on the scene.  Bless this family.  

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