Sunday, June 23, 2013

This made me cry...

I know I say this all the time but I really do expect that my Team treat your babies like their own babies.  All of them would do the same and a few have been put in a position to do so.  I don't know what I would do if someone in our care was hurt and my biggest fear is that one of my Team Members is going to be hurt worse.  Again, if you know someone in your area being an irresponsible pet owner... I will take care of it so you do not have to be involved.  It has negatively impacted this business (very nasty and rude Craig's List post) and may happen again but I could not care less.  Thanks DD for the validation... we try so hard.  

"I will also respond on Facebook.  I have been off the computer for a few days and just found out about this terrible incident.

Most importantly, I am relieved that neither Barb nor your client's dog received more serious injuries.  I hope that Barb heals quickly and neither of them has any long term effects. She definitely earned her Wonder Woman badge!  I know you will deal with the owner of the attacking dog in the appropriate manner.

I have worked with pet support services in California, New York and Oregon, before the last 5 years in New Orleans.  I can say that I have never, ever encountered a more dependable, dedicated, professional and caring service and staff than NOLA Pet Care.  Therefore, I am not surprised to learn that Barb protected her charge with her body, I am not surprised that she and all of your staff have been trained in this and other emergency response scenarios.  It is exactly the sort of thoughtful, proactive and innovative planning indicative of the million star service that is NOLA Pet Care.  

It has been my personal experience, consistently, over the past 5 years, that you and your staff consider each and every owner and their pets as your family, always go the extra mile to do anything and everything possible for their care and well being.  I also know that you, Nicole, have gone to great lengths to provide me (and I am certain many others), with physical, technical and emotional support when my beloved creatures were in health crisis.  I doubt there is any business that can either compare or compete with your combination of professionalism, compassion and comprehensive support.

Thank you isn't a powerful enough word.

D and C and my beautiful C and  XWP on the Rainbow Bridge all of whom you have cared for with such kind dedication."

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